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  • Poker Centro Vacanze
    Poker Centro Vacanze

    66021 Casalbordino Marina (CH)
    Phone 0873918321 - Fax 0873918324

    Imagine somewhere by the sea, far away from the traffic, from the noise and hectic life of the city.
  • Salinello

    64018 Tortoreto Lido (TE)
    Phone 0861 77231 - Fax 0861 7723218

    The Salinello Holiday Complex offers a pleasant outdoors holiday, in the peace and quite of its greenery.
  • Camping Village Grotta del Saraceno
    Camping Village Grotta del Saraceno

    66054 Vasto (CH)
    Phone 0873310213 - Fax 0873310295

    The Camping Village Grotta del Saraceno in Vasto, Abruzzo is located in one of the most beautiful areas on the Adriatic Coast.
  • Roma

    64011 Alba Adriatica (TE)
    Phone 0861751071 - Fax 0861751071

    Located in an exceptional location, in an oasis of green poplars in the center of Alba Adriatica and a short walk to the beach from the characteristic silvery color, the Camping Roma offers all the amenities.
  • Eurcamping Roseto
    Eurcamping Roseto

    64026 Roseto degli Abruzzi (TE)
    Phone 0858993179 - Fax 0858930552

    Eurcamping is located in the green heart of Abruzzo, in Roseto at the Adriatic sea and a few miles away from Gran Sasso. A camping suitable for families. Summer holiday with fun and relax.
  • Lake Placid
    Lake Placid

    64028 Silvi Marina (TE)
    Phone 085932567 - Fax 0859157151

    The Camping Village Lake Placid is situated directly on the sea without crossing the street, in the heart of Silvi Marina, Abruzzo.
  • Don Antonio Camping Residence
    Don Antonio Camping Residence

    64021 Giulianova Lido (TE)
    Phone 0858008928 - Fax 0858006172

    Safety. On the sea front, without architectural barriers, the sea slopes down gently, swimmingpool at 3 elevations (cm. 30, 60, 130), shallow water, nonslip floor, lifeguard; cars in the parking lot. At Giulianova you’ll find the Hospital and in the summer there is an emergency doctor service.
  • Riva Nuova
    Riva Nuova

    64014 Martinsicuro (TE)
    Phone 0861797515 - Fax 0861797516

    The camping area is positioned in a peaceful place, distant from the railway and from heavy traffic streets.
  • Miramare

    66020 Torino di Sangro (CH)
    Phone 0873915407 - Fax 0873915949

    Camping Miramare is a brand new tourist village on the Abruzzo coast at Torino di Sangro, a stretch of coast covered by vegetation which in summer reaches the height of its beauty.
  • Holiday

    64022 Giulianova Lido (TE)
    Phone 0858000053 - Fax 0858004420

    Camping – Villages Holiday, set up in 1975, has always kept on renovating over the years. It is by the sea, 5 metres from the sand.
  • Santo Stefano Camping Village
    Santo Stefano Camping Village

    66021 Casalbordino Marina (CH)
    Phone 0873918118 - Fax 0873918193

    The Camping Village Santo Stefano lies on the coast of Abruzzi, near Casalbordino, at the edge of the Adriatic Sea and in the middle of a wonderful pinewood.
  • Eucaliptus

    64011 Alba Adriatica (TE)
    Phone 0861-713356 - Fax

    Camping Eucaliptus is a resort that guarantees a serene and cordial atmosphere above all.
  • Stork

    64020 Roseto degli Abruzzi (TE)
    Phone 0858937076 - Fax 0858937542

    Stork Camping Village is a 4 stars resort located in the green heart of Abruzzo, close to Roseto degli Abruzzi.
  • Costa d'Argento Villaggio Camping
    Costa d'Argento Villaggio Camping

    Phone 0872618393 - Fax 0872619799

    The Costa d'Argento Campsite and Holiday Village has been totally renewed. It is located few metres away from the Sea, in the centre of San Vito Beach.
  • Tam Tam
    Tam Tam

    64022 Giulianova Lido (TE)
    Phone 0858003563 - Fax 0858005816

    The TAM TAM Camping Village is a recently re-structuted complex, situated in a quiet and relaxing position, in a green and shaded poplar-wood.
  • Villa Elena
    Villa Elena

    64014 Martinsicuro (TE)
    Phone 0861712368 - Fax 0861712323

    The VILLA ELENA Camping Village of Villa Rosa, a beach resort in the province of Teramo, is located on the sea, far from rivers, railroads and busy streets.
    60 square meters in size, with electrical outlets, and comfortable bungalows with kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Pineto Beach
    Pineto Beach

    64025 Pineto (TE)
    Phone 0859492724 - Fax 0859492796

  • Paola

    66023 Francavilla al Mare (CH)
    Phone 085817525 - Fax 085817525

    Camping Paola, located at the edge of Francavilla al Mare, a cheerful seaside resort, offers visitors its indoor services with a bar, pizzeria and games. Shaded, quiet camping directly on the sea and an open beach.
  • Arcobaleno

    64026 Roseto degli Abruzzi (TE)
    Phone 0858942096 - Fax 0858942096

    The “Arcobaleno” camping is situated in a quiet zone in the south of Roseto in front of the beach and away from the railroad. It’s open from May 1 to Sept. 30 .
  • Free Beach
    Free Beach

    66055 Vasto Marina (CH)
    Phone 0873801488 - Fax 1782712200

    A beautiful gulf with a wide sandy golden beach. Clean water.Childrens paradise.
  • International

    64025 Pineto (TE)
    Phone 085930639 - Fax 085930639

    15,000 square meters of shaded land with an infinite variety of trees, directly on the sea.
  • Gilda

    64026 Roseto degli Abruzzi (TE)
    Phone +390858941023 - Fax

    The Villaggio Camping Gilda is directly on the sea, with a private beach, and it's situated inside of the Riserva Naturale del Borsacchio.
  • Sun Beach
    Sun Beach

    66020 Torino di Sangro (CH)
    Phone 0873915109 - Fax 0873915109

    In Abruzzo, on the seafront of Torino di Sangro, between Pescara and Vasto, is located directly on the sea, SUN BEACH CAMPING.
  • Golden Beach
    Golden Beach

    64021 Giulianova Lido (TE)
    Phone 0858000106 - Fax 0858000106 - 4166452

    Run by the Ragni family, it is located in a bathing area among the most beautiful on the Adriatic coast, on an area of ​​approx. 15,000, is located in a huge and shady poplar grove Camping "GOLDEN BEACH".
  • Lido d'Abruzzo
    Lido d'Abruzzo

    64026 Roseto degli Abruzzi (TE)
    Phone 0858942643 - Fax 0858944346

    The vacation village is located three kilometers from Roseto degli Abruzzi’s train station in a quiet, peaceful area.
  • Europa Unita
    Europa Unita

    64028 Silvi Marina (TE)
    Phone 0859354402 - Fax 0859354402

    The Resort Europa Unita is directly to the sea without streets to cross, in a peaceful location, with a direct access to the private beach crossing a green pine forest. Family atmosphere because managed directly by the owners, a perfect holiday for families searching for relax.
  • Duca Amedeo
    Duca Amedeo

    64014 Martinsicuro (TE)
    Phone 0861797376 - Fax 0861797264

    The Camping-Village "Duca Amedeo" is big 15.000 meters square area, it's good levelled and very shaded, it's very near the beach, the sand is very sandy,
  • Adriatico

    64022 Giulianova Lido (TE)
    Phone 0858006016 - Fax 0858006016

    The Camping Adriatico is located in the greenestand most peaceful area of Giulianova. Situated on the Lungomare Zara, right beside the sea, whit sandy beach, clean sea...
  • Carouan

    64022 Giulianova Lido (TE)
    Phone 0858004774 - Fax 0858007707

    The newly-opened Carouan Campsite is situated directly on the sandy shore of the Zara Nord sea-front of Giulianova. It offers a quiet holiday in an ideal climate. The Campsite is geographically sitated as to allow for excursions to be made in the Abruzzo hinterland, rich in natural beauties
  • Ripari di Giobbe
    Ripari di Giobbe

    66026 Ortona (CH)
    Phone 0859067098 - Fax 0859059399

    Embraced by a bay directly on the sea, with its own private beach. The sloping terraces let each guest to enjoy a breathtaking seaview. No roads nor railways to cross.
  • Europe Garden
    Europe Garden

    64028 Silvi (TE)
    Phone 085930137 - Fax 085932846

    Shaded by 400 ancient olive trees with a splendid view of the sea - New stone cabins – Grassy plots – Trailer rental - Large private beach with fine sand – 2 swimming pools
  • La Foce
    Phone 0872609110 - Fax 0872609110
  • Il Pioppeto
    66055 Vasto Marina (CH)
    Phone 0873801466 - Fax 0873801466
  • Surabaja
    64026 Roseto degli Abruzzi (TE)
    Phone 0858933188 - Fax 0858933188
  • Le Foci
    67030 Opi (AQ)
    Phone 0863912233 - Fax 0863912233
  • Europa
    64026 Roseto degli Abruzzi (TE)
    Phone 0858937371 - Fax 0858938867
  • La Playa
    64026 Roseto degli Abruzzi (TE)
    Phone 0858944349 - Fax 0858944349
  • Europa
    66055 Vasto Marina (CH)
    Phone 0873801988 - Fax 0873802553
  • New Camping Francavilla
    66023 Francavilla al Mare (CH)
    Phone 3481489824 - Fax
  • Sant'Andrea
    67032 Pescasseroli (AQ)
    Phone 0863912725 - Fax
  • Lido Riccio
    66026 Ortona (CH)
    Phone 0859190410 - Fax 0859190825
  • Oasi
    64022 Giulianova Lido (TE)
    Phone 0858004759 - Fax 0858004759
  • Le Morge
    66020 Torino di Sangro (CH)
    Phone 0873911378 - Fax 0873911378
  • Belvedere
    66020 Torino di Sangro (CH)
    Phone 0873911381 - Fax 0873911122/18
  • I Lupi
    67030 Villalago Riviera (AQ)
    Phone 0864740625 - Fax 086474358
  • La Sorgente
    66026 Ortona (CH)
    Phone 0859190400 - Fax 0859190400
  • Centro Vacanze Heliopolis
    64025 Pineto (TE)
    Phone +390859492720 - Fax +390859492171
  • Adriatico
    64010 Martinsicuro (TE)
    Phone 0861713549 - Fax 0861713549
  • Francavilla
    66023 Francavilla al Mare (CH)
    Phone 085810715 - Fax 085810715
  • Delle Rose
    64010 Martinsicuro (TE)
    Phone 0861714359 - Fax 0861714359
  • Velino
    67069 Tagliacozzo (AQ)
    Phone 0863610253 - Fax 08636457
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